Ordering Screen Room Components


The aluminum extrusions come in 8 foot lengths to meet UPS and FEDX requirements. Eight foot lengths also require less work space, are easier to handle. The insect screening comes in 25 foot or 100 foot rolls. Order it 4 inches wider than your largest opening.

Screen Room Layout

The drawing above is a screen room with a 14 foot x 9 foot front screen wall. The patio cover (Black Top) attaches to the house on two sides and is supported across the front by two 4" x 4" wood posts (black vertical lines).

The 1" x 2" Spline Channel is represented by the Blue Lines, the 2" x 2" Spline Channel by the Red lines and the 1/2" x 2" Receiving Channel by the Yellow Lines. The Black Lines are the existing patio cover and the existing wood support posts.

Components Needed


Receiving Channel, 1/2" x 2"Receiving Channel, the track for all the other components, comes in 8 foot lengths. You will need eight of them for the drawing above. You will need 1-1/2" Tapcon screws if you are building your screen room on a concrete patio or 2" Hex head screws to attach to a wood deck. Spacing the screws about 2 feet apart, you will need about 13 screws for the bottom receiving channel and thirty 2" Hex head screws for the header and support posts.

More Information on Receiving Channel

2" x 2" SPLINE CHANNEL (Red Lines)

2" x 2" Spline Channel2" x 2" Spline Channel is used for Posts and Chair Rail. The Spline Channel comes in 8 foot lengths. You will need seven of them. You will also need 5/8" self-tapping hex head screws to hold the post and chair rail in place. A package of 100 should be enough for the entire screen wall. Use 10 chair rail clips to hold the chair rail and door header in place .

More Information on 2 x 2 Spline Channel

1" x 2" SPLINE CHANNEL (Blue Lines)

1" x 2" Spline ChannelInstall the Receiving Channel with the spline groove exposed. It comes in  8 foot lengths. This screen wall requires eight of them. Use 5/8" hex-head screws on both sides of the receiving channel spaced about 2 feet apart.

More Information on 1 x 2 Spline Channel